It may seem strange to include this as an activity, but when you are eating 3 freshly made delicious meals AND snacks in-between, then food is a large part of any trip. Our genius chef takes joy in producing food for our guests to make them both full and happy. Every trip has a menu that is based on the people on board and their wants and requirements. So challenge the chef, and you won’t be disappointed.


Unforgettable beach BBQs where our crew prepare a comfortable umbrella-covered seating area and cook a fresh meal right there on the beach. Fresh iced drinks, while the sun sets from a lounging chair with feet in the sand, is typically a favourite experience.


For active guests, our speedboat is designed to allow a variety of water sports activities. Skurfing (surfing behind the boat) aptly named is a unique challenge and always a way for guests to test their balance and stamina. For those who want a bit more fun with a bit less stress, our inflatable tow rings provide an exciting experience as we speed across the crystal-clear water. Finally, for those who wish to relax, our inflatable floating beds allow our guests to simply chill out and relax while serenely floating in the calm, warm water.

Accompanied kayak / SUP excursions where our crew will prepare food, drinks and towel and support our guests as they head out to explore every bay and beach via kayak. Stopping on a beach for lunch or a quick snack, our crew will even look after the kayaks so our guests can truly relax and even explore on foot if they wish. Having our crew on hand allows us to extend the range and safety of these activities.


A holiday in Indonesia wouldn’t be complete without Snorkelling. On Anggrek, we always have snorkelling equipment available and will always plan to visit some of the most healthy and untouched reefs in the area. Our large rear deck offers an accessible space to gear up and prepare, and if we are stopped, our guests can jump off the back and explore the underwater world directly. Our large speedboat is also available and offers an extended range for our guests. With a canopy and 2 engines, our guests can ride in style and relax in-between their snorkelling experiences.


If our guests wish to dive, this option is also available* and our experienced dive instructor will always plan the best spots and times to experience the wonders of underwater Indonesia fully. With 10 years’ experience diving all around Indonesia, our Dive staff know precisely how and where to find the best marine life and how to do it safely. Our rear deck and large speedboat make donning equipment before a dive as easy and comfortable as ever. In addition, our surface staff will provide support for the divers at all times, ensuring a carefree experience where the only thing on your mind is the fantastic underwater world.

*Diving must be requested before the trip to ensure we have prepared the necessary equipment.


In certain areas, we love to offer a fishing activity. There’s nothing quite like catching a fish and having it cooked up in front of you for the freshest meal available. Providing rods and a variety of lines, hooks and tackle, it’s not uncommon to catch large predatory fish like tuna and or mackerel. Anggrek has rod mounts at its rear, so trawling during our trip is always fun, and our speedboat is large enough to accommodate fishing excursions to harder-to-reach areas! The methods we use are sustainable, and we always give our guests the 101 on catching fish safely and efficiently. Additionally, everything caught is made into a delicious dinner or released NOTHING WASTED.


Hiking is another favourite experience amongst our guest, and there are various locations where we can get of the boat and explore the countless islands. From sunset hill climbs to jungle walks, Indonesia has something for everyone, and with a range of difficulties, even those who crave an adventure can tackle some of the steepest climbs for the best views. In certain areas, we can also arrange wildlife treks to see various species of fauna and flora and or excursions to visit pristine and famous beaches with breath-taking vistas.


We provide various board games, books, and multimedia for those who wish to chill in the AC or those unfortunate rainy days. Our blue-tooth speaker system is ready and available for guests to play all their favourite tunes. In addition, we offer a shared media server filled with over 300 movies, loads of series and 100s of Song tracks. We also provide Wi-Fi on board for everyone to stay connected and share their experiences with friends and families*. Karaoke and DJs are available as optional add-ons to all our trips. We also have a range of beach games from swing ball to beach bowling and, of course, inflatable animals for a fun float or interesting selfie.

*Only available in areas with 4G signal


It is even possible for us to arrange yoga instructors and/ or massage therapists to accompany our trips. So while yoga on a boat might not sound easy, how about yoga on an isolated beach with only the sounds of the waves and the birds? And who wouldn’t want to finish a day of exploring and snorkelling with a professional massage on the top deck day beds?


In addition to the activities we supply on board, we are happy to arrange various cultural experiences. Local Village visits or Temples are available in most areas and allow our guest to get an insight into the lives of people living on some of the most remote islands in the world, not to mention the children love it too!


Being a Catamaran, Anggrek is amazingly stable in waves! This means we are uniquely positioned to offer FULL SURF TRIPS or surfing as an additional activity, getting set and into position on the best waves has never been easier or more comfortable. Surfing from a liveaboard also offers the amazing chance to ride exclusive waves in unknown spots, avoiding the hassle of traveling back and forth with heavy boards! Our speed boat driver is well trained in keeping close to the breaks and will drop you right in the action! Although not every region has surfing spots.. Indonesia is full of world class surf locations so just let us know and we can plan our trips accordingly.